About Testa Lab

Herbal and Food Supplements, OTC Products and Generic Medications

With 20 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing herbal and food supplements, OTC products and generic medications, Testa Lab specializes in applying new technology to the production of traditional formulations. Our modern production techniques and strict quality control standards assure the highest safety and effectiveness for these time-honored formulations.

Testa Lab supplies safe, effective and high-standard remedies for you and your family. We produce pharmaceuticals and OTC products of the highest quality.

The Highest Levels of Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We are committed to providing the highest levels of Quality Assurance and
Quality Control backed by a complete analytical laboratory.
Our labs are subject to regular inspections by the FDA.

We constantly strive to expand our product line to
cover the essential pharmaceutical products for
improving the quality of your life.